BIM Project Management


The BIM Evolution team can work with you to develop your BIM implementation strategy and coordination. We will provide impartial advice on how to use BIM within your business or on a particular project. We will look at the value and relevance of BIM processes to your business and some of the cultural challenges in terms of working practice that need to be addressed.

We provide strategic advice, Employer Information Requirements, BIM Execution Plans and provide guidance on technology and software implementation.

We also work hands-on at project level as BIM Coordinator throughout the design and construction of your project, ensuring that the Building Information Model can be utilised to its maximum.



  • Develop Employer Information Requirements
  • Develop Pre/Post Contract BIM Execution Plans
  • Develop Master Information Delivery Plans
  • Project Sequencing and Data Drop Coordination


  • Establish Project Collaboration
  • Document and build the Common Data Environment and Information Management Processes
  • Monitor Compliance with Information Exchange 

Clash Detection + Model Coordination

‘Clash detection and Interference checking’ is a term given to the process of checking different design models against one another to ensure design components and objects do not clash.  It is a fundamental process to virtually building a project during the design phase. A clash occurs when elements of different models occupy the same space. A clash may be geometric (for example, pipes passing through walls), schedule based (when different aspects of work that are supposed to be sequential are scheduled to occur together or in reverse), or changes/updates are not made to models.

The advancements in model based clash detection and interference checking have greatly improved how we overcome issues during the design phase. However without the correct management and coordination to comprehensive deal with interferences, we quickly end up with thousands of meaningless clashes electronically generated.

To enhance the coordination process of clash detection, BIM Evolution introduces rules and management processes to improve clash detection and management during design phases.

BIM Evolution's approach to clash and interference coordination is structured upon years of design and project management experience before the use of BIM.  We believe that in order to efficiently perform clash detection and coordination, key management skills and experience are required so that problems are addressed with a pragmatic and solution based mind set.